CRN is a large editorial office that specializes in the field of business, economy and economy. We undertook the very difficult task of migrating the entire site to WordPress. The website operated on a custom CMS for many years. During this time, databases and code were maintained by many developers who introduced many coding standards. Getting everything into WordPress was very difficult, but thanks to our work, the CRN editors can now enjoy a flawless website.

In addition to the database containing over 50,000 posts and several thousand users, our task was also to fully implement the subscription and subscription system.

We have also created a proprietary plugin to connect the CRN website with the Salesmanago system. The existing free plug-in did not meet the customer’s requirements and therefore our team developed a dedicated solution that fully satisfied the customer.

Big numbers

The database created over the years previously contained over 50,000 posts, 15,000 users and 9 different types of posts, which until now functioned as 1 type.

Intuitive CMS

The use of WordPress allowed to speed up the work of the editorial office. Non-technical people have had problems even adding posts so far. Now it is simple and convenient for them. Gutenberg’s blocks also allow them to quickly modify the content on the page.

Code optimization

Different standards and a lot of unnecessary and unused code caused the page to load slowly and sometimes its loading ended with an error. Currently, the website is fully stable and adapted to the latest standards of good coding.