AMP football is becoming more and more popular among sports fans around the world. Our contribution to the development of this sport discipline was the creation of the website of the European Amputee Football Federation. We were modeled on websites that represent the largest sports federations in the world. The design and code of the website is entirely dedicated to this project.

The commitment of our team was at the highest level. Especially that this project contributed to a great initiative that supports the sport of disabled people. Our tasks included:

  • full SEO care
  • Performance optimization
  • UX design
  • graphic design
  • implementation of wordpress
  • taking care of hosting and server optimization


EAFF position in search engines has been done with best standards and is now at the highest level. The number of new entries from search engine links is still increasing after our implementation.

Rendering content

Thanks to the solutions used, rendering content for the first time is currently at 0.6s. This result is due to our website optimization.

Intuitive interface

Thanks to the advice of UX experts, we can boast a very intuitive layout of the page, making navigating it very convenient.