Cooperation with global and recognizable brands is always a big challenge. For Mindvalley, one of the largest companies in the field of spiritual development in the world, our company has prepared a blog based on WordPress. Mindvalley has its audience in 135 countries, so the pressure to create an appropriate website tailored to their needs was quite high. We made it!

The blog has been adapted to identify the company and maintained in accordance with all Mindvalley standards. However, this did not exclude the use of WordPress and this allowed for easier content management for the blog’s editorial office. The website code itself is optimized so that even high traffic does not cause any delays in loading the content.

Satisfaction with our work was expressed by the client, which only ensured that what we are doing is going in the right direction and that we can cooperate with global brands meeting their expectations.

Global brand

Mindvalley – a company dealing with technological education on a global scale. It is one of the largest educational publishers to provide such personalized educational content and services on mindfulness, meditation, personal development, and healthy living.

As of 2018, the company employs over 202 employees from 46 countries. It distributes its products based on digital content and technological educational solutions to over 135 countries in 60 languages.

Stick to the standards

As a global brand, Mindvalley has imposed style and standards. Keeping them on the blog was one of the key requirements of our client and was performed at the highest level.

All the branding elements we use on the website have been accepted by the client to his full satisfaction.