We’ve created a blog for the largest wedding site in Poland. Our task was to build the whole from scratch while maintaining the logic and quality of SEO. The client who achieved the status of the most recognizable wedding service in Poland required from us full commitment and individual approach in every aspect of the project. Starting from the logic and structure of the blog to its implementation.

The project required the involvement of many people who had to work in parallel on various tasks:

  • Maintenance and improvement of SEO
  • Blog logic
  • Graphic layout
  • Optimization and resource management
  • UX
  • Testing

After nearly 6 months of hard work of our team of experts in our fields, we started the project and showed it to users of the weselezklasa.pl website. Reception and positive feedback regarding both the new layout of the website, its intuitiveness and speed of operation assured us that the result of our work was full success.


The blog position in search engines has been improved and is now at the highest level. The number of new entries from search engine links has increased after our implementation.

Rendering content

Thanks to the solutions used, rendering content for the first time is currently at 0.8s. This result is due to our website optimization.

Intuitive interface

Thanks to the advice of UX experts, we can boast a very intuitive layout of the page, making navigating it very convenient.